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Re: GSoC 2016: Unique indexes for blobs


Hi, Shubham!

On Apr 24, Shubham Barai wrote:
> Hi Sergei,
> URL :  https://github.com/shubhambaraiss/server.git
> Actually, I am having Wi-Fi problems. So I haven't cloned the
> repository locally.Instead, I have replaced files with upload option.
> Is that okay for now?

There was no need to hurry :) You could've done that when you WiFi
problems were solved.

It's okay for now, but better not do that in the future.
Here are your changes:


as you can see, github does not show them. This how it should look:


In your case github thinks that you've changed *every line in the file*.
It's because you have windows line endings (CRLF) while old file had
unix file endings (LF). If you'd committed locally and pushed, then line
engings would've been correct (I hope :) because git converts CRLF to LF
when you commit (this is how our repository is configured). But when you
upload, guthub, apparently, doesn't do that. That's probably a bug in

That's all not a big deal for a prototype branch. But in the future,
please, push normally, with git :) and if you have WiFi problems - don't
push at all, wait until you can do that.

Btw, could you rename your repository? github.com/MariaDB/server is
clear, but shubhambaraiss/server might be a bit confusing.
It's under the "Settings" link of your repository. I'd suggest to rename
it to MariaDB (https://github.com/shubhambaraiss/MariaDB), but that's up
to you, of course.

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

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