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GSoC Student Introduction


Hi everyone,

I am Charles Muurmu also known as laserlight on IRC  and I was selected for
GSoC 2016 to work on migrating MariaDB Cassandra storage engine from the
Thrift API to Datastax driver. I will be mentored by Spetrunia. My goals
for this community bonding period will be get myself ready by accomplishing
the following tasks:

Fork and clone the server code.

Try to build the code.

Setup a blog on which I will post weekly reports on progress.

Study the Datastax C++ driver API and documentation.

Study the ha_cassandra.xx code and storage engines architecture.

I believe these will prepare me for my first task when coding begins which
will be to integrate the Datastax C++ driver into the MariaDB Server build
I equally look forward to more instructions from my Mentor on how we will
work on this task and lastly, I would love to congratulate the other
students selected with MariaDB.