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Hi all,

Re: https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-7145

Delayed replication (a feature shipped in MySQL 5.6) has been a MariaDB
feature request since 2014, and has been listed as 'major/red' priority in
Jira since.  It initially targeted 10.1, but missed the cut for some
reason, and is now targeted at 10.2.

It has the most votes of any open ticket at 26 (and only 1 closed ticket
has more).

I noticed we've had a couple of alpha releases of 10.2, and this ticket is
open not assigned to anyone.

Can anyone comment on whether this is still likely to make it into 10.2.
Just wanting to know if it needs more lobbying or if it's 100% going to get
looked at.

This is certainly not a complaint - short of providing a patch (which I'm
not capable of), is there anything else needed to increase the chances of
this being implemented?



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