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Re: MDEV-7145


Hi, Phil!

On Aug 28, Phil Sweeney wrote:
> Re: https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-7145
> Delayed replication (a feature shipped in MySQL 5.6) has been a
> MariaDB feature request since 2014, and has been listed as 'major/red'
> priority in Jira since.  It initially targeted 10.1, but missed the
> cut for some reason, and is now targeted at 10.2.
> It has the most votes of any open ticket at 26 (and only 1 closed
> ticket has more).
> I noticed we've had a couple of alpha releases of 10.2, and this
> ticket is open not assigned to anyone.
> Can anyone comment on whether this is still likely to make it into
> 10.2.  Just wanting to know if it needs more lobbying or if it's 100%
> going to get looked at.

Unfortunately, not very likely. But still possible.

> This is certainly not a complaint - short of providing a patch (which
> I'm not capable of), is there anything else needed to increase the
> chances of this being implemented?

I've increased its priority. That will help if we'll have resources for
it (like, if a developer completes his current task and needs to pick a
new one, all before 10.2 enters the feature freeze)..

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