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Re: 8cd65cd: MDEV-9143 JSON_xxx functions.


Hi, Alexey!

On Oct 08, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> > Other comments, that you didn't reply to, does it mean you agree with
> > them (like adding tests with values that need json-escaping)? Okay.
> Right, it means that I just agreed with the comment.
> I don't think we're going to need more unittest files so yep, will
> move it to strings/ Will check for missing functions from MySQL, try
> running MySQL tests with us, then push.
> After that we'll still have one inconsistency with MySQL - that they
> have that JSON type for fields and values.  JSON-values let the user
> to compare values as 'json'-s. Not sure anybody ever uses it.  But
> JSON fields are probably good to import from MySQL, maybe in read-only
> mode.  Just to let people switch to MariaDB easily over these JSON
> tables.

Yes... I think, out of missing features, JSON_TABLE is the most
interesting, but also the comlexity is a big unknown. The second one
would be GeoJSON (and it's fairly predictable), then goes JSON
comparison and JSON data type.

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