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Re: 8cd65cd: MDEV-9143 JSON_xxx functions.


Hi, Alexey!

On Sep 21, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> > > +    In the worst case one character from the 'a' string
> > > +    turns into '\uXXXX\uXXXX' which is 12.
> > how comes? add an example, please. Like "for example, character x'1234'
> >  in the charset A becomes '\u1234\u5678' if JSON string is in the charset B"
> For instance the 'SMILING FACE WITH SUNGLASSES' character,
> which is utf32(0001F60E) should be represented as \uD83D\uDE0E.

I hope you put this in the comment in the code...

Other comments, that you didn't reply to, does it mean you agree with
them (like adding tests with values that need json-escaping)? Okay.

Thanks for unit tests. There weren't many, but if you think they cover
all the library functionality, then it's fine. Just one thought - do you
expect any more json_lib related test *files* in the future? If not, you
could move json_lib-t.cc into unittest/strings. And why the test is .cc?
The file looked pure C to me.

Anyway, I think it's ok to push after resolving these minor issues. Thanks!

Chief Architect MariaDB
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx