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Re: [MariaDB/server] MDEV-11064 - Restrict the speed of reading binlog from Master (#246)


vinchen <notifications@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> cli_safe_read_reallen() and and my_net_read_packet_reallen() is a good
> way to fix the ABI problem. I will fix it like this.
> And the minimum precision is second in slave_sleep(), and it also a
> the mutex. I think it is too heavy in most case. (It will wait
> millisecond seconds usually)
> So I will use my_sleep when wait less than 1 second, otherwise use slave_sleep.
> Is it ok?

Yes, it looks fine thanks!

And thanks for the explanation, yes now I see that usually the sleep will be
quite small, unless there is a huge event. So I agree with using my_sleep()
in the common case.

I'll merge it like this after checking that everything compiles and tests


 - Kristian.