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Re: Working on spider patches, MDEV-7698



On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 4:31 PM, kentoku <kentokushiba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Monty!
> Please see comment at 2016-05-07 19:15 for patches for MariaDB 10.2.
>> I don't think this it will work removing the usage of p_elem->connect_string
>> This is because each partition may have a different connect string.
> I understand this behavior. But  I don't think this overwriting is a
> good idea.

The problem is that your patch causes a usage case of partitioning and
federated_x to fail, which is proven by the usage case:


We can't add a patch that will cause current correct usage of
partition and federated_x
to fail.

> Because when an user writes both table's connect string and
> partition's connect string, table's connect string is lost.

In which case is it lost ?
Can you add a test to federated_partition.test that shows in which case the
connection information is lost?

> This behavior causes a confusion of an user.

I don't see how you can use federated_x and partition without having a different
connect string for each partition.  I also don't see how this is
confusing for the end user.

One of the original ideas with the partition engine is that each
partition can have options
that are different from the other partitions. For example, one
partition could be with InnoDB, another with MyISAM.  For this to
work, there needs to exist a mechanism for specifing options per
partition, which the federated engine is indirectly using.

> In the other hand, Spider can read both table's connect string and
> partition's connect string without overwriting.

Where should the connection strings for each partition be stored?
this needs to work both with Spider but also with other usage of the
partitioning engine.

> Spider uses table's
> connect string for common settings and partition's connect string for
> partition specific settings.
> This is why this patch removes overwriting logic of connect string.

As far as I saw, the patch did remove all storing and reading of the
connect strings for the partitions which causes the test to fail.

Where does spider store the tables connect strings ?
How do you suggest this should work when spider is not used?
Can you create a patch that will not cause federated_partiton.test to fail?

>> +
>>  #ifndef MYSQL_CLIENT
>> The above is not needed, as all code that is testing this is doing:
> Please move it under "#define SPIDER_HEX_VERSION" in
> "storage/spider/spd_include.h" for now. This is checked in Spider
> code.
>> #if defined(MARIADB_BASE_VERSION) && MYSQL_VERSION_ID >= 100000
>> Which is always true in MariaDB 10.x
> Is this in Spider code, right?

> This is needed for supporting other versions. Spider still supports MySQL 5.5.

So you mean that PLUGIN_VAR_CAN_MEMALLOC is only needed for MySQL?

Looking at the code in spd_param.cc, there is no need to have

Better to instead test MYSQL versions than have a define that is
always declared.
With current code, the last #else in spd_param.cc will never be used:

  "Set remote access charset at connecting for improvement performance
of connection if you know",

dead code


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