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Re: Working on spider patches, MDEV-7698



On Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 8:21 PM, kentoku <kentokushiba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi!
>> In which case is it lost ?
>> Can you add a test to federated_partition.test that shows in which case the
>> connection information is lost?
> when create a table like the following
> create table tbl_a(
>   col_a int,
>   primary key(col_a)
> )engine=myisam connection 'some settings for whole table'
> partition by range(col_a)
> (
>   partition pt1 values less than (100) connection 'some settings for pt1',
>   partition pt2 values less than maxvalue connection 'some settings for pt2'
> );
> "connection 'some settings for whole table'" is lost. It is not only
> behavior of federated_x.
>> One of the original ideas with the partition engine is that each
>> partition can have options
>> that are different from the other partitions. For example, one
>> partition could be with InnoDB, another with MyISAM.  For this to
>> work, there needs to exist a mechanism for specifing options per
>> partition, which the federated engine is indirectly using.
> Does it means all options have to write with partition information?

All options that you want to see in SHOW CREATE.

> How about "engine"? Don't you think it is useful if default engine can
> write as table option and only partition specific engines are write as
> partition option? I thought just like this about connect string, too.

Normally you don't need to write special options for each partition. In
this case federatedx is a special case.

>> Where should the connection strings for each partition be stored?
> I think this is already stored in par file. This is not problem.
>> this needs to work both with Spider but also with other usage of the
>> partitioning engine.
> O.K. I understand.
>> Where does spider store the tables connect strings ?
> Spider doesn't store it. It's in frm file.
>> How do you suggest this should work when spider is not used?
> I suggest ...
> These connect strings have priority level. Connect strings of
> sub-partition are the first priority. Connect strings of partition are
> the second priority. Connect string of table is the third priority.
>> Can you create a patch that will not cause federated_partiton.test to fail?
> Yes, I think I can. I'll create it.

Does this patch do what you need:

This preserve the CONNECT string from the top table level as it was
originally entered.

I tested this by doing the following create:

create table t1 (s1 int primary key) engine=federated connection="QQQ"
  partition by list (s1)
  (partition p1 values in (1,3)
   partition p2 values in (2,4)

and show create table was able to show the original connection="QQQ"

--- a/sql/ha_partition.cc
+++ b/sql/ha_partition.cc
@@ -3486,13 +3486,15 @@ int ha_partition::open(const char *name, int
mode, uint test_if_locked)
    file= m_file;
+      LEX_STRING save_connect_string= table->s->connect_string;
       create_partition_name(name_buff, name, name_buffer_ptr, NORMAL_PART_NAME,
       table->s->connect_string = m_connect_string[(uint)(file-m_file)];
-      if ((error= (*file)->ha_open(table, name_buff, mode,
-                                   test_if_locked | HA_OPEN_NO_PSI_CALL)))
+      error= (*file)->ha_open(table, name_buff, mode,
+                              test_if_locked | HA_OPEN_NO_PSI_CALL);
+      table->s->connect_string= save_connect_string;
+      if (error)
         goto err_handler;
-      bzero(&table->s->connect_string, sizeof(LEX_STRING));
       if (m_file == file)
         m_num_locks= (*file)->lock_count();
       DBUG_ASSERT(m_num_locks == (*file)->lock_count());

If this is ok, I will add this and close MDEV-7700


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