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Re: Please review a 10.3 patch "Moving functions cast_stmt_xxx and add_select_to_union_list as methods to LEX"


Hi, Oleksandr!

On Nov 24, Oleksandr Byelkin wrote:
> Thank you , the patch is OK to push. I a bit dislike this mix Lex/lex
> thing, but we can not do something about it, logic is clear - one use
> is Lex several use cases  then lex=Lex.

Not really.
Lex is YYTHD->lex. And many years ago YYTHD was current_thd. This

  LEX *lex=Lex;

mantra was used to avoid calling current_thd too often.
Now thd is passed as an argument to yyparse, so Lex no longer uses
current_thd and there's no need to "optimize" it into a local variable.
Old code still does it, though.

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