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Re: MDEV-11330 Split Item_func_hybrid_field_type::val_xxx() into methods in Type_handler


Hi Alexander!

I find this version much cleaner! Looks good to me.
What I'd really like to see later is if we can write some unit tests for
these conversions. Not mtr linked tests but actual unit tests specifically
using these Items. I am up for chipping in and writing some myself.

One thing I'd like to discuss later in the context of reentrant functions
are these side effects such as "return (null_value= true);" when fetching
data from an Item. I think they should go from base items and only perhaps
happen in "cache" items. We can potentially then turn all these methods to
be const methods.


On Thu, 1 Dec 2016 at 15:18 Alexander Barkov <abarkov73@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hello Vicențiu,
> Please review a modified version.
> As agreed, I'm not using the cast approach for the built-in types
> and define a set of data type conversion methods
> directly Type_handler_hybrid_field_type methods instead.
> Thanks!