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Re: Working on spider patches, MDEV-7701



>> However, I would like to have a clear comment the purpose of the function
>> set_top_table_and_fields().
> This function is used to get correlating of a parent (table/column)
> and children (table/column). When conditions are pushed down to child
> table (like child of myisammarge), child table needs to know about
> which table/column is my parent for understanding conditions.

Thanks. I have now added this as a comment to where the function is defined.


>> + virtual int set_top_table_and_fields(TABLE *top_table,
> ... cut ...
>> Why is this int and not void ?
>> Do you have in mind that this may be possible to fail in the future?
>> If it's never going to change, then better to do this void.
>> I will make it void for now and change the relevant code. We can make it
>> int again if needed in the future.
> VP allocates some memories in this function. So this function has
> possibility of causing out of memory error. That's why this function
> returns int.

ok. I will change the code for this.

>> I added HA_CAN_MULTISTEP_MERGE as a flag to DB_TYPE_MRG_MYISAM, which
>> allwoed me to make the above tests and the following identical ones
>> much
>> simpler.
> ok. And now everyone can create myisammarge type storage engine!

good. We do need some tests for this...