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Re: RFC: new replication feature "per-engine mysql.gtid_slave pos"


Hi Kristian!

Le 08/03/2017 à 09:58, Kristian Nielsen a écrit :
Will Fong <will.fong@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

But even better woulf be if most users did not have to do anything to get
the improved performance. Maybe we could just have a hardcoded list of
engines that are suitable for mysql.gtid_slave_pos (eg. innodb, tokudb,
myrocks). And replication will automatically create a suitable
mysql.gtid_slave_pos_XXX if it sees a transaction in one of those engines,
unless --skip-gtid-auto-create-pos-table is set. For more
exotic/experimental engine, the user can manually call
mysql.gtid_pos_add_engine() if desired.
Why not using the XA support flag of the engine to check if we should create the gtid_slave_pos_{engine} file ?


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