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Re: b6f4d16: MDEV-10436 non-deterministic vcol does not force rbr


Hi, Sachin!

On Feb 10, Sachin Setiya wrote:
> revision-id: b6f4d16a015fc778186ae4d2c1820a78cd9645d1 (mariadb-10.2.3-157-gb6f4d16)
> parent(s): 5285504857df6caf417c8a56601913a95c9f7abc
> author: Sachin Setiya
> committer: Sachin Setiya
> timestamp: 2017-02-10 18:24:12 +0530
> message:
> MDEV-10436 non-deterministic vcol does not force rbr
> Problem:- Since 10.2.1 one can create virtual generated columns with
> non-deterministic functions. Arguably, in cases like
> if t2 contains such non-deterministic generated columns and replication
> mode is MIXED, the statement should be logged in the row format. But it is
> logged in statement format.

Some explanation of the fix would be good here. Especially if it's not
trivial. Why did you need set_cs_bin_format_row_if_mixed_and_nd_vcol()
function and why are you doing something in end_send()? You've fixed
THD::decide_logging_format(), why was that not enough?

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