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Filtered transactions coming through mysql/mariadb replication to Galera cluster



Galera cluster (https://github.com/codership/mysql-wsrep/commits/5.6) has
new feature :

commit 14301279075dc2b420f3173cc9c2eb7912db63de
Author: sjaakola <seppo.jaakola@xxxxxx>
Date:   Fri Nov 18 12:45:42 2016 +0200

    Refs: MW-319
    * replicating write set containing only GTID event of totally filtered
      coming in through mysql replication
    * note that replicated WS will have no keys, and current debug version
of Galera 3.19
      will assert for no keys

My questions:

(1) If MySQL (5.6/5.7) replicates transactions to Galera cluster (assuming
here that this cluster will contain MariaDB 10.0-10.2 nodes) does the
server somehow see filtered GTID events ?

(2) If MariaDB replicates transactions to Galera cluster are filtered
transactions seen by Galera ?

R: Jan