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Re: Filtered transactions coming through mysql/mariadb replication to Galera cluster



> Hi,
> Galera cluster (https://github.com/codership/mysql-wsrep/commits/5.6) has new feature :
> commit 14301279075dc2b420f3173cc9c2eb7912db63de
> Author: sjaakola <seppo.jaakola@xxxxxx>
> Date:   Fri Nov 18 12:45:42 2016 +0200
>     Refs: MW-319
>     * replicating write set containing only GTID event of totally filtered transaction
>       coming in through mysql replication
>     * note that replicated WS will have no keys, and current debug version of Galera 3.19
>       will assert for no keys
> My questions:
> (1) If MySQL (5.6/5.7) replicates transactions to Galera cluster (assuming here that this cluster will contain MariaDB 10.0-10.2 nodes) does the server somehow see filtered GTID events ?
> (2) If MariaDB replicates transactions to Galera cluster are filtered transactions seen by Galera ?

What exactly is the definition of filtered transactions?

In MariaDB replication, we automatically remove all MySQL GTID's and
what the slaves sees is basically a replication stream without any
GTID, like it would come from an old slave.
The slave will add it's own GTID's to it's own binary log, if logging
is enabled.

Seppo, is this still the case for new Galera code that will come to MariaDB?
If not, what has changed?