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Re: Project Progress Report[PHASE-1]


Hi, Ankit!

On Jun 27, ANKIT KUMAR wrote:
>      Just recollecting everything I did in this phase-
>      1. Learnt how bison works, how grammar is written, how actions can be
> written(w.r.t to extended syntax), how parsing is done,
>      2. Implemented Extended CREATE USER and GRANT USER syntax.
>      3. Created tests for the acceptance of newly implemented grammar.
>      4. Designed in-memory structures that will store value of plugins and
> perform AND/OR operations as per precedence and authentication will be
> provided accordingly.
>      5. Wrote actions for this complex syntax(fixed some of the errors,
> some are yet to be fixed).
>      In the remaining 3-4 days of Phase-1, I will try to complete this
> bridge between grammar and in-memory structure after which storing data in
> memory will be done.

Looking at your code: https://github.com/ankitkumar031/server/commits/10.2-MDEV-11340

* there are no test results
* show create user is not tested
* your code doesn't seem to compile at all

it looks like the non-working skeleton of the future implementation, not
something that can actually work.

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