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MariaDB GUI: BSL 1.1 - Debate


Dear MariaDb Developers,

I am writing because I would like to open a debate whether if MariaDB, now
that has gained investment from Microsoft, Alibaba, and the European Union,
shall create its own SQL Graphical User Interface, as good as (or better
than) MySQL Workbench.

I agree that MariaDB includes by default HeidiSQL in its Windows builds,
but in my opinion, if MariaDB really wants to look Oracle's MySQL face to
face, HeidiSQL is not nearly as good as MySQL Workbench.

If this wants to be done:

1st) The brand new GUI shall have a Business Source Licence v1.1, which
only companies which invest in MariaDB would be able to use.

2nd) In 3 years now, MariaDB would be better positioned and have a fully
Open Source GUI which would allow MariaDB to look face to face to Oracle.

3rd) And in 4/5 years now, MariaDB Corporation shall be brave enough to to
continue Developing this GUI as a truly open source product, without the
BSL, and adopting a purely GPLv2 with incremental improvements,
distributing it through the MariaDB Foundation Webpage, as individuals or
other companies apart from MariaDB Corporation, will not support the
product if it is not totally Open Source.

So BSL v1.1 might prove useful to launch the project, but with time, it
shall have a GPLv2 for gaining investment from third companies.

¿What do you thing on the topic?

Thank you all,
Juan Telleria