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Re: Mysterious files after build


Hi, Michal!

On Dec 09, Michal Schorm wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to know more about some files, that are left after MariaDB build
> in Fedora.
> I do not ship them, however I haven't found any explanation from previous
> maintainers. I gathered some clues and thoughts about them.
> Questions are: What are those files and what they does?; Is it safe to ship
> them?; Should I start to ship them?
> /usr/bin/mysql_embedded
>  - you (MariaDB) ship this file in client package

It's a client that uses libmysqld embedded server.
Pretty much like normal mysql command line client, but it doesn't
require a running mariadb server.

> %{_datadir}/mariadb/binary-configure
>  - this script creates the MySQL system tables and starts the server.

I've never heard of anyone using it, I'd say, skip it.
It looks like it's just "mysql_install_db && mysqld_safe" anyway

> %{_datadir}/mariadb/magic
>  - FS files first-bytes recoginiton?

Yes. But it seems that (at least on Gentoo) system-wide magic already
knows MyISAM files. Our magic knows Aria files. Nobody knows InnoDB.

If you'd like to use our magic file, create an MDEV and we'll update it.
If nobody's going to use it, we, probably, won't :)

> %{_datadir}/mariadb/mysql.server
> %{_datadir}/%{pkg_name}/mysqld_multi.server
>  - those shouldn't be needed on systemd OSs ?

They shouldn't be, but at the moment they are :(
It's https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-10797
Subscribe to it and you'll know when they'll be free to skip.

> /usr/bin/mytop
>  - you (mariaDB) do not ship this file

it's an old fork of mytop, but many distributions have a separate mytop
package (I think Fedora 27 does too), so we don't ship it anymore.

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