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MariaDB 5.5, Jemalloc, TokuDB, RHEL



so far we packed MariaDB 5.5 for RHEL 7 without TokuDB and without
Jemalloc. Recently, a customer asked about the availability of TokuDB,
so I'm doing a research, if its possible to pack it without any issues
for the users updating.

I have a several questions:

1) Is Jemmaloc used elsewhere from TokuDB ?

2) If yes, what all would be affected?
Could any issues arise during update from build without Jemalloc to
build with it?
Any expected performance changes?

3) Would be the use of the bundled Jemalloc (on of the) best option(s)?

4) Anything else that I missed?


Michal Schorm
Associate Software Engineer
Core Services - Databases Team
Red Hat

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