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Re: MariaDB 5.5, Jemalloc, TokuDB, RHEL


Hi, Michal!

On Feb 26, Michal Schorm wrote:
> Hello,
> so far we packed MariaDB 5.5 for RHEL 7 without TokuDB and without
> Jemalloc. Recently, a customer asked about the availability of TokuDB,
> so I'm doing a research, if its possible to pack it without any issues
> for the users updating.
> I have a several questions:
> 1) Is Jemmaloc used elsewhere from TokuDB ?


> 2) If yes, what all would be affected?
> Could any issues arise during update from build without Jemalloc to
> build with it?

Unless you link with libjemalloc_pic.a statically, you'll have a new
dependency (on jemalloc.so). I've heard some users don't like new
dependencies in minor upgrades.

No other issues that I know of.

> Any expected performance changes?

Nothing major that I'm aware of.

> 3) Would be the use of the bundled Jemalloc (on of the) best option(s)?

MariaDB doesn't bundle jemalloc (not even in 5.5, as far as I know).

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