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FYI: 10.3 master branch head builds OK Travis-CI



I am happy to announce that of this morning, Travis-CI for MariaDB
10.3 shows all green again! [1]

Developers: please rebase your 10.3 branches on top of the latest 10.3
to get the Travis-CI benefits, and please don't break Travis. Last
time it was all green in January it took only a few weeks until it was
broken again.

We don't have protected branches enabled yet, so we rely on all
developers to be diligent and not push changes that break the
all-green-status on Travis-CI for 10.3.


[1] https://travis-ci.org/MariaDB/server/builds
[2} https://mariadb.org/protected-branches-ensuring-code-quality-git/

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