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Re: MDEV-17658 review.


Hi, Alexey!

It's important for USER_TABLE to be last. And there can be only one last
value in the enum, if I add TABLES_MAX, someone will eventually put new
table just before TABLES_MAX (tests will catch it, but it might take
hours to track down to the actual reason).

So, it's safer to have just one last element in the enum, USER_TABLE.

On Dec 09, Alexey Botchkov wrote:
> Hello, Sergei!
> I haven't found anything serious to improve there in your changes.
> sql_acl.cc gets nicer with this patch. So ok to push.
> Only question left -
> -  TABLES_MAX // <== always the last
> +  USER_TABLE // <== always the last
> Why not preserve the TABLES_MAX? Seems more self-explaining.
> could be
> and a couple of similar places.
> Best regards.
> HF

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