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Re: MDEV-18734 ASAN heap-use-after-free in my_strnxfrm_simple_internal upon update on versioned partitioned table


Hi, Aleksey!

On Mar 20, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> Hi Sergei!
> It turned out that only vcol blobs are affected. They are allocated
> by update_virtual_fields(), so it was enough to just refresh their value by
> doing update_virtual_fields() again after record is restored from the
> queue. Please review the fix:
> https://github.com/MariaDB/server/pull/1234
> diff --git a/sql/ha_partition.cc b/sql/ha_partition.cc
> index 8700610415cb..aa5a04af1dbc 100644
> --- a/sql/ha_partition.cc
> +++ b/sql/ha_partition.cc
> @@ -6251,6 +6251,8 @@ void ha_partition::return_top_record(uchar *buf)
>    part_id= uint2korr(key_buffer);
>    memcpy(buf, rec_buffer, m_rec_length);
> +  if (table->vfield && buf == table->record[0])
> +    table->update_virtual_fields(this, VCOL_UPDATE_FOR_READ);
>    m_last_part= part_id;
>    m_top_entry= part_id;
>  }

I suspect there's a problem with that still.

With this fix you basically free and reallocate the blob for every
record. So for all blobs in the queue blob pointers might be invalid.

But the queue might need them if it's sorted by the blob value.
Try this test case:

  create or replace table t1 (x int primary key,
    b tinytext, v text as (concat(b)) virtual,
    index (v(10))
  ) partition by range columns (x) (
      partition p1 values less than (4),
      partition p2 values less than (6),
      partition pn values less than (maxvalue));
  insert into t1 (x, b) values (1, 'q'), (2, 'z'), (4, 'a'), (5, 'b'), (6, 'x'), (7,'y');
  select * from t1 where v > 'a';
  drop table t1;

here there's an index on the virtual column (to tempt partitioning to
sort the queue by it) and an expression for a virtual column (to make
blob to allocate memory for it, and not just reuse the field's pointer).

Here partitioning tries to sort the queue by the index, and fails.
If you remove concat from the virtual column definition, everything

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