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Re: GSoC [MDEV-6017]


Week 2 report.
This week was more productive than previous. I put aside complex
expressions, subselection, unions etc. Took into account the comments about
bad iterators usage and tried to fix it.  I've also implemented two simple
rewrite rules.
1) ... where 'expr' => ...where 'vfield'.
2) ... where 'expr' [>=, >, =, <=, <] 'some-value' => ... where ('expr'
[>=, >, =, <=, <] 'some-value') and ('vfield' [>=, >, =, <=, <]

I am really not sure if rule №1 will somehow help optimizer. Probably it is
For the rule №2 I wrote test.
Now I have failing tests gcol.gcol_keys_innodb gcol.gcol_keys_myisam. I
will further research how my changes broke them.
Also I've encountered strange error in travis-ci. Have no idea how to fix
The command "env DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=4" debian/autobake-deb.sh;"
exited with 2.

Initially I put my code into sql_parse, but now I think that a better
approach will be to put it somewhere in optimizer.

>From messages in zulip I understood that some rewrites could not be used by
the optimizer. My first approach was to try to generalize all rewrite
rules, but now I am totally confused about what rules to implement next
Diff can be found here

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