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Weekly Report


Report for week 8:


This week I worked on the parser. I removed the hack "swapping lists" we
had used earlier. Now the grammar uses values from the bison stack.
However, I was making the list rule return the SELECT_LEX :: item_list.
This was fixed after the intermediate review.

I changed the grammar for INSERT...RETURNING and REPLACE...RETURNING, added
test and result files for REPLACE...RETURNING and modified the comments of
one test file.

I also worked on the intermediate review. Now the parser code doesn't rely
on SELECT_LEX :: item_list. In REPLACE...RETURNING a list was declared
inside the scope of "if" and using it outside the scope was illegal. So I
moved it to the scope outside of if and made the grammar return:
&list if select_lex::item_list is not empty else NULL.

My github repo is up to date with latest changes.

Rucha Deodhar