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Weekly Report


Report for week 7:


This week I worked on the initial review for INSERT...RETURNING.  I removed
some lines from my code, used select_result* instead of using
with_returning_list, improved formatting, restored the structure of
SQL_I_List by removing *saved_first, moved returning_list to LEX so that
current_select and lex->first_select_lex() is not used, fixed the logic of
my_ok() and send_eof(), and made some part more readable. Now
INSERT...IGNORE is working too. For tests, I merged some test cases,
removed the other ones and added some cases for existing tests.

I also read about bison and how to use its stack to return items so that it
can be used instead of list swapping.
As suggested, I am making the list rule return the List<Item> as a return
value, then the rule that uses select_item_list uses something like this:

I have started implementing it but getting errors during build. Initially I
was getting error: opt_select_expressions has no declared type
when I tried making the entire rule return item_list.
To fix that I added opt_select_expressions to %type <item_list>
I am still trying to fix other errors.

Could you give me feedback whether I am moving along the right path, have I
missed something?

   /*empty*/ {$$=NULL}
  | RETURNING select_item_list
    {  //Make this entire rule return item_list
     something like:

Insert parser:
insert_field_spec opt_insert_update opt_select_expressions
         something like
          if ($3)
              Lex->returning_list= $3;

              Lex->pop_select(); //main select
              if (Lex->check_main_unit_semantics())

Rucha Deodhar

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