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Re: bd98ef106c8: MDEV-17554 Auto-create new partition for system versioned tables with history partitioned by INTERVAL/LIMIT


Hi, Aleksey!

It should be possible to enable/disable auto-creation.
this solves few problems at once:
* a user explicitly tells when auto-creation should work
* you don't need to worry "if this name is already occupied"
* you can define that these partitions can never overflow (for INTERVAL)
* if you know that AUTO partitions never overflow, you can keep the old

Separate thread is an interesting solution. Nicely avoids lots of
problems. Still:
* it's asynchronous, all tests have to take it into account
* it's racy. "low probability" or not, with our number of users they'll
  hit it and rightfully will report it as a bug
* if LOCK TABLE prevents it, partitions can overflow

But I think these problems are easier to solve than those we'll face if
auto-creation will happen in the main connection thread.

So, let's keep your approach with a thread.

But instead of going through the parser and mysql_execute_command,
create a function that takes a TABLE or a TABLE_SHARE. And adds a
partition there. It'll fix the "racy" part. This function can be called
from a new thread.

As for the LOCK TABLES - if you're under LOCK TABLES, you can simply
call that function (to add a partition) directly at the end of the main
INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statement. It'll solve the last problem, LOCK
TABLES won't prevent auto-creation.

A couple of style comments:
1. create a one-liner make_partition_name (or something) with:

    sprintf(move_ptr, "p%u", i)

and use it both in create_default_partition_names() and in your new
code. Just to make sure partition names are always generated uniformly
by the same function and if we'll want to change it to "pp%u" it should
be done only in one place.

2. don't overload operators, use, say,

    bool greater_than(size_t seconds)

But overall it's pretty good. A nice idea with a separate thread.

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx

On Nov 07, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> revision-id: bd98ef106c8 (mariadb-10.4.7-55-gbd98ef106c8)
> parent(s): 6d1fa01e8f1
> author: Aleksey Midenkov <midenok@xxxxxxxxx>
> committer: Aleksey Midenkov <midenok@xxxxxxxxx>
> timestamp: 2019-08-19 12:01:14 +0300
> message:
> MDEV-17554 Auto-create new partition for system versioned tables with history partitioned by INTERVAL/LIMIT
> When there are E empty partitions left, auto-create N new empty
> partitions.
> This scheme must not allow partition overflow. I.e. E-fill time must
> not exceed N-creation time. This means that low values for INTERVAL
> and LIMIT must not be allowed for auto-creation. In case when overflow
> is detected there is no need to do anything special: a warning will be
> issued and the user will run manual rebuild to redistribute records
> correctly. This is important because automatic ADD must be done fast,
> without forced rebuild, by the obvious reason.
> Initial version implements hard-coded values of 1 for E and N. As well
> as auto-creation threshold MinInterval = 1 hour, MinLimit = 1000.
> The name for newly added partition will be first chosen as "pX", where
> X is partition number and "p" is hard-coded name prefix. If this name
> is already occupied, the X will be incremented until the resulting
> name will be free to use.
> Auto-creation mechanism is applied to every table having LIMIT or
> INTERVAL clause. Note that there is no much sense in specifying
> explicit partition list in this case and this is covered by
> MDEV-19903. The syntax to explicitly turn it on/off as well as
> user-defined values for E, N and name prefix is subject for further
> discussion and feature requests.
> ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION is now always fast. If there some history
> partition overflow occurs manual ALTER TABLE REBUILD PARTITION is
> needed.

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