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Re: systemd changes in Debian Sid


Hi Otto!
I did not had time to look at this for now. I believe I will have a bit
of time before the week-end and surely next week.


Otto Kekäläinen <otto@xxxxxxxxxx>,
11/11/2019 – 15:06:24 (+0100):

> Hello Faustin!
> I have been updating the MariaDB 10.3 packaging in Debian to compat level
> 12, and that includes some changes to how the systemd services are
> installed. Do you have any comments?
> https://salsa.debian.org/mariadb-team/mariadb-10.3/commits/bugfix/systemd-rules
> Are there some systemd issues regarding 10.3 that you think we should put
> in while at this?
> - Otto

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