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Progress Report - Week 1


Hope you are safe and doing great,

This post describes the things I've done in my first week [ 4-10 May ] of
Community Bonding Period under the mentor-ship of Sergei Golubchik and
Oleksandr Byelkin for GSoC-20 and I must acknowledge that it was really an
interactive experience and at the same time informative as well.

Things I've done include:
1: *Raising my first ever pull request for MariaDB under MDEV-14558 *:
Learnt about *strnxmov*, a function of C++ which I had never used earlier.
I also came across the procedure of testing my implemented code. Wrote some
test cases for the same and generated their corresponding results.
2:* Understand the working of the functions under multi_delete*: Ran it in
the debugger and tried to familiarize myself with the internals of how
Multiple Table Delete actually works.

Things to-do:
1: Though I've raised the pull request, MDEV-14558 is not completed tested
as it does not include tests for *mysql \s*, moreover, test cases have to
be refactored.
2: Learn more about the working of *multi_delete* so as to develop a parser
for  Multiple Table Delete Returning.
3: Write some test cases for Multiple Table Delete Returning before hand.

Mohammed Hammaad Mateen

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