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Re: Progress Report - Week 1


Hi, Mohammed!

On May 11, Mohammed Hammaad Mateen wrote:
> Greetings,
> Hope you are safe and doing great,
> This post describes the things I've done in my first week [ 4-10 May ] of
> Community Bonding Period under the mentor-ship of Sergei Golubchik and
> Oleksandr Byelkin for GSoC-20 and I must acknowledge that it was really an
> interactive experience and at the same time informative as well.
> Things I've done include:
> 1: *Raising my first ever pull request for MariaDB under MDEV-14558 *:
> Learnt about *strnxmov*, a function of C++ which I had never used earlier.

because it's not in a standard library, it's defined in MariaDB sources,
file strings/strxnmov.c

> I also came across the procedure of testing my implemented code. Wrote some
> test cases for the same and generated their corresponding results.
> 2:* Understand the working of the functions under multi_delete*: Ran it in
> the debugger and tried to familiarize myself with the internals of how
> Multiple Table Delete actually works.
> Things to-do:
> 1: Though I've raised the pull request, MDEV-14558 is not completed tested
> as it does not include tests for *mysql \s*, moreover, test cases have to
> be refactored.

could you open a new pull request with what you have now?

perhaps it's good enough and you don't need to struggle making perfect
test cases this time?

> 2: Learn more about the working of *multi_delete* so as to develop a parser
> for  Multiple Table Delete Returning.
> 3: Write some test cases for Multiple Table Delete Returning before hand.

Please, put your working branch on github and try to push often, so that
others could see your progress too.

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx