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Progress report - Week 2


Hope you are safe and doing great,

This post describes the things I've done in my second week [ 11-17 May ] of
Community Bonding Period under the mentor-ship of Sergei Golubchik and
Oleksandr Byelkin for GSoC-20. Tasks done this week were mostly the
continuation of the leftover tasks from the previous week and some related

Things I've done include:

1:* I was caught up in analysing how was  DELETE .... RETURNING
implemented, which led me to read from:*

• *sp_head.cc* : this made me understand that sp actually meant stored
procedures but there is another called PS which I'm yet to figure out.

• *sql_parse.cc* : from here I understood that delete return as actually {
Analyse->Delete->Return } and all the logic for returning is executed

2: Though I've raised the pull request, *MDEV-14558* is not yet completely
tested as it does not include tests for *mysql \s*, moreover, I'm facing
problems to escape the backslash inorder to write a test-case for *mysql \s*

Mohammed Hammaad Mateen