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Progress report week 5


Hope you are safe and doing great,

This post describes the things I've done during 1-7 June under the
mentor-ship of Sergei Golubchik and Oleksandr Byelkin for GSoC-20. The
tasks taken up for this week Greetings mentors, I've realized that to
extend the parser for multi delete, I should be changing the sql_yacc.yy
file, for incorporating opt_returning rule in multi-delete. opt_returning
rule works completely fine with single table delete, but to tweak it to
adapt for multi-delete, required me to learn some bison grammar syntax and
semantics and that took me a couple of days.

Moreover everytime I made changes to the grammar, the server used to crash
rendering all changes invalid. I'll try to push the code that was
triggering crashes, shortly.

Thank you

Mohammed Hammaad Mateen