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Progress report for MDEV-12326


Hope you are safe and doing great,

        This post describes the things I've done during 22-28 June for
Coding phase-1 under the mentor-ship of Sergei Golubchik and Oleksandr
Byelkin for GSoC-20 to implement MDEV-12326. The tasks taken up for this
week was to work towards validating the fields of the return list,
requested by the client when it uses *multi-table DELETE....RETURNING *or*
multi-table UPDATE....RETURNING*. If an invalid column name is requested in
the return list then it should result in displaying:

*ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column '<invalid column>' in 'field list' *.

        Things I learnt while implementing this was, firstly that
*setup_fields* and *setup_wild* functions validate the *returning_item_list*
i.e. column names, expressions, etc. in *RETURNING* statement and
understood that validation is done implicitly. Moreover,
*setup_returning_fields* method could also be used interchangeably.
Secondly, if we have to completely run a .test file that has many failing
test cases then we should provide --force option twice, as in*:*

*./mtr <file_name> --force --force.   *
         I've also written and recorded the result for the above usecase,
for *multi-table DELETE.... RETURNING *and will also do the same for
UPDATE.... RETURNING v*ery soon.

  All in all coding phase-1 was really informative and I would like to
thank *MariaDB Foundation* for having me. All the code is uploaded up to
date in these remote repositories, please feel free to comment.



Thank you

Mohammed Hammaad Mateen