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Progress Report GSoC 2020 (6-12 Jule)


Good day, everybody.
In this post, I want to describe what I did this week, Jule 6-12.
I was dealing with the benchmarking for a treadpool. I used
https://github.com/vaintroub/benchmark_tools. I installed it and made
initial launches. I had to run several commands to launch.
1. Compile the server with RelWithDebInfo.
cmake --build. -config RelWithDebInfo -- -m
2. cd sql\RelWithDebInfo
start mysqld.exe --defaults-file=C:\path\to\sysbench.ini
3. cd C:\path\to\benchmark_tools
mysql -uroot -e "create database sbtest"
4. update_index prepare 1024
5. update_index run 1024
1024 is the number of clients.

Anton MIkhailenko