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Weekly Report



This week
Started working on changing the build system to make the plugins call our functions instead of the library functions as per step 4 of MDEV-22895.

I faced a lot of issues with cmake, as INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES does not work with CHECK_INCLUDE_FILES, and setting CMAKE_REQUIRED_INCLUDES in cmake/plugins.cmake did not affect storage/innobase/lzma.cmake.   
The only thing that worked was STRING(APPEND CMAKE_C_FLAGS " -I${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/include/mysql"), but that sets the flag globally, so is not ideal.

I spoke with some devs on the cmake IRC (#cmake), and it seems that InnoDB uses improper Cmake commands. It might be easier for the project to rewrite them instead of trying to work around the issues.

Next week
Review the CMake files and finish updating the build system as per current standards.

Continue work on step 5 of MDEV-22895.