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Weekly Report


This week
Resolved the abi_check issue with different compilers.   
Also added checks and updated documentation so that it does not happen again.

Started writing some tests for the lzma service.

Finished the first draft of the lzo service.

Worked on some refactors.

Discussed the idea of adding status variables to allow the storage engines to know which libraries are loaded.   
This will also allow the user to view the libraries that are loaded while the server is running.

Next week
Finish writing tests for the lzma service.

Finalize the implementation of the service.

Start replicating the implementation for other libraries.

Discuss if we should change all to auto for the --use-compression= switch.   
That way, the server can throw an error if it is started with --use-compression=lzma but not if it is started normally.   
This will also allow for a configuration like --use-compression=lzma,auto so that the server will try to load all libraries but will not start unless lzma is loaded.