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Re: MDEV-21829: Unique class: interface changes


Hello again,

Again, taking notes about the input of the last call.

The question raised was the interface of the Unique class.

== Before the patch ==

- Unique object stores elements of the same size.
- The size is passed in the constructor
- unique_add has the key as a parameter:

class Unique {
  Unique( ...  uint size_arg, ... );
  bool unique_add(void *ptr);

== In the current patch ==

The length is passed as the second argument.

class Unique {
  bool unique_add(void *ptr, uint size_arg);

== The desired change ==

- Keep the unique_add()'s signature intact.
- Unique::Unique() should receive a parameter that describes the data format

class Unique {
  Unique(...,  KeyFormatDescriptor descr, ... )

  bool unique_add(void *ptr);

Here, KeyFormatDescriptor can be one of:

* KeyFixedSizeFormatDescriptor(N) - a value that specifies that keys will be
fixed-size entities taking N bytes each.

* KeyVariableSizeFormatDescriptor - a value that specifies that keys will be 
variable-size.  KeyVariableSizeFormatDescriptor::get_size is a function:

  size_t KeyVariableSizeFormatDescriptor::get_size(void *ptr) 

which allows the Unique to find out the size of the passed key.

Any objections to this?

Sergei Petrunia, Software Developer
MariaDB Corporation | Skype: sergefp | Blog: http://s.petrunia.net/blog