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Re: ef2519fee4e: MDEV-16546 System versioning setting to allow history modification


Hi, Aleksey!

On Nov 24, Aleksey Midenkov wrote:
> And mysqldump should take care of setting system_versioning_insert_history
> sysvar. Right? Is everything else in the task description OK?


> 1. Add server variable system_versioning_insert_history which will allow
> INSERT history rows.
> 2. If secure_timestamp is YES or REPLICATION,
> system_versioning_insert_history does not have effect. If secure_timestamp
> is SUPER, system_versioning_insert_history requires special privilege (same
> as for setting current timestamp).

Yes. It is correct, but could be expressed simpler:

  when @@system_versioning_insert_history=TRUE, one can directly insert
  into row_start/row_end columns iff one can set @@timestamp variable.

In other words, if one can create an arbitrary history by manipulating
@@timestamp variable, @@system_versioning_insert_history allows to do it
more conveniently. But if one cannot - he cannot.

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