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Re: da70f190279: MDEV-25985 Spider handle ">=" as ">" in some cases


Hi, Nayuta!

The code change is good, no comments about it at all.

But why did you create a new suite spider/bugfix and all those files in
it? I know that some later spider version has it. Still, I'd expect it'd
be much simpler and a smaller change to drop the test file into the
exising spider suite.

On Jul 12, Nayuta Yanagisawa wrote:
> revision-id: da70f190279 (mariadb-10.2.39-44-gda70f190279)
> parent(s): 99f700a820e
> author: Nayuta Yanagisawa <nayuta.yanagisawa@xxxxxxx>
> committer: Nayuta Yanagisawa <nayuta.yanagisawa@xxxxxxx>
> timestamp: 2021-07-08 14:12:45 +0000
> message:
> MDEV-25985 Spider handle ">=" as ">" in some cases
> The function spider_db_append_key_where_internal() converts
> HA_READ_AFTER_KEY to '>'. The conversion seems to be correct for
> single-column indexes because HA_READ_AFTER_KEY means "read the
> key after the provided value."
> However, how about multi-column indexes? Assume that there is a
> multi-column index on c1 and c2 and we search with the condition
> 'c1 >= 100 AND c2 > 200'. The key_range.flag corresponds to the
> search condition could be HA_READ_AFTER_KEY. In such a case,
> we could not simply convert HA_READ_AFTER_KEY to '>'.
> The correct conversion is to convert HA_READ_AFTER_KEY to '>'
> only for the last column in key_part_map and to convert
> HA_READ_AFTER_KEY to '>=' for the other column.
> The similar discussion also applies to the conversion from
> key_range.flag to a sign of inequality.
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