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How can I separate networking test from mysql_test


Hello there,

I've open this topic on the maria-discuss mailing list, but, I didn't get
any response.

Maybe this mailing list could be a better fit for this request.

> Hi guys,
> I've found few particular tests from the test suite that is failing due
to the OpenSSL-3 version and I want to separate them and give them to the
OpenSSL team in Red Hat.
> The idea behind this is to give them a set of commands/config options
(reproducer) for each test and they will try to find out what's the exact
problem there and help us develop the patch.
> The tests that I'm interested in are (there are more of them, I just need
to see how to reproduce few of them and I'll do the same for the other ones
as well):
> encryption.corrupted_during_recovery
> encryption.innodb-checksum-algorithm
> encryption.innodb-discard-import-change
> encryption.innodb_page_encryption_key_change
> binlog_encryption.rpl_loaddata_local
> binlog_encryption.rpl_parallel_free_deferred_event
> IMPORTANT: These tests are failing only with the 'cbc' cipher in use, the
'ctr' is passing.
> Could you please help me with how to make a reproducer for each test, so
I can create them and give them to the OpenSSL team?
> Thank you for any help you can provide
> Lukas

S pozdravom/ Best regards

Lukáš Javorský

Associate Software Engineer, Core service - Databases

Red Hat <https://www.redhat.com>

Purkyňova 115 (TPB-C)

612 00 Brno - Královo Pole