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Re: 6d0c1f3ae12: MDEV-23328 Server hang due to Galera lock conflict resolution


Hi Marko,

> I am sad to see that my comment regarding wsrep_is_BF_lock_timeout()
> that I made in
> https://github.com/MariaDB/server/commit/b74b53f0515b360bb5cddec1a506a2f4d4dc21b3#r52293813
> (June 17) has not been addressed. Do we really need that output? Do we
> see that output in our internal testing? If not, then we have not
> tested that that code is free from race conditions or hangs. (It
> should be a lot safer to avoid such unnecessary unlock/lock exercises
> involving multiple mutexes.) If yes, then why have we not added source
> code comments to document when such scenarios would occur? I believe
> that it is better to rely on some operating system features (such as
> stack traces from a debugger) rather than to try to implement partial
> logging.

I know, this is not related to MDEV-23328 or MDEV-25114 but ok, I can
remove most of this stupid code.

R: Jan

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