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Re: 93493a0e9b5: MDEV-24176 Server crashes after insert in the table with virtual column generated using date_format() and if()


Hi, Aleksey,

> > Take a look at the bb-10.3-serg-MDEV-24176 branch. Three commits
> > there: two cherry-picks from 10.2 (they shouldn't be pushed into
> > 10.3, instead your commit will eventually be rebased on top of them
> > after they're merged into 10.3) and the "work-in-progress" commit
> > that removes init_lex_with_single_table and
> I just tried to note this is a different bug (as it reproduces in
> master branch). And since it is lower priority maybe we push the
> blocker first?

But I have a fix for this different bug already, in bb-10.3-serg-MDEV-24176

So, go ahead and push, then I'll merge with 10.2 and push my fix too.

VP of MariaDB Server Engineering
and security@xxxxxxxxxxx