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Re: 99dcf061c8c: MDEV-29481 mariadb-upgrade prints confusing statement


Hi, Alexander,

ok to push!

On Oct 21, Alexander Barkov wrote:
> revision-id: 99dcf061c8c (mariadb-10.4.26-55-g99dcf061c8c)
> parent(s): 1be451ca797
> author: Alexander Barkov
> committer: Alexander Barkov
> timestamp: 2022-10-21 14:31:02 +0400
> message:
> MDEV-29481 mariadb-upgrade prints confusing statement
> This is a new version of the patch instead of the reverted:
>   MDEV-28727 ALTER TABLE ALGORITHM=NOCOPY does not work after upgrade
> Ignore the difference in key packing flags HA_BINARY_PACK_KEY and HA_PACK_KEY
> during ALTER to allow ALGORITHM=INSTANT and ALGORITHM=NOCOPY in more cases.
> If for some reasons (e.g. due to a bug fix such as MDEV-20704) these
> cumulative (over all segments) flags in KEY::flags are different for
> the old and new table inside compare_keys_but_name(), the difference
> in HA_BINARY_PACK_KEY and HA_PACK_KEY in KEY::flags is not really important:
> MyISAM and Aria can handle such cases well: per-segment flags are stored in
> MYI and MAI files anyway and they are read during ha_myisam::open()
> ha_maria::open() time. So indexes get opened with correct per-segment
> flags that were calculated during the table CREATE time, no matter
> what the old (CREATE time) and new (ALTER TIME) per-index compression
> flags are, and no matter if they are equal or not.
> All other engine ignore key compression flags, so this change
> is safe for other engines as well.
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