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Re: Josh Berkus on community



>>>>> "Kurt" == Kurt von Finck <mneptok@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kurt> Nice set of points on bad community management raised by Josh Berkus.
Kurt> http://lwn.net/SubscriberLink/370157/31a2534da9d465d3/

Kurt> Do you disagree with any? Are there any things you would add? Do you
Kurt> think our projects suffer from any of these problems, and what
Kurt> constructive criticism do you have?

Don't see any constructive criticism for what we do now, except that
we have more maria-captains than any other company (but at least we
are open about wanting more).

There is a lot of things to be add:

- Make closed source external modules for the free project.
- Actively work against anyone doing similar projects.
- From time to time, move things from 'open' to 'closed'
- When presenting new features for upcoming releases, don't tell
  anyone in which version the new features will be in (open or
- Market the 'open source version' as for testing only and unreliable
  for production.
- Don't release binaries for open source version.
- Update open source version less often than the closed source
- Use different source trees for open and close version;  First
  develop the closed source version and only backport unimportant
  things to open source version

Kurt> Also, is there stuff you'd like to see the Maria community do?

Primarily we need more companies participating with the development of MariaDB.

Kurt> I think these points are a good jumping-off point to make sure we do
Kurt> things right.



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