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Replication and auto-increment


I was reading over the replication discussion on maria-developers
I thought I'd share some thoughts that are not so technical as I do not
understand the back end that well.

Our system is currently a master-master WAN replication setup, each
writing to a different DB with an offline process to do copies.
Our databases extensively uses auto-increments on tables (more than
necessary, but that's another story).

Would future developments allow synchronous replication to occur on a
single database when the WAN link has a single point of failure(SPoF)?
How might an auto-increment system handle such a failure?

This SPoF is our network link that can be a transient problem out of our
Both sides may need to keep inserting data during this transient issue.
This is usually not an issue 99% of the time, but it's better to prepare
for downtime than trying to fix data errors in that 1%.

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