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Someone from MariaDB to talk at ODTUG conference?


Hi all

I just had a talk with Sheeri about an upcoming Oracle Developer Tools
User Group conference in June in Washington. There will be a 1 day
MySQL track on Sunday, plus possibly some other MySQL talks:


Sheeri was asking if someone from Monty Program (or, imho any MariaDB
activist) wanted to present.

Things to note:
 - The conference is application developer oriented, so things like
optimizer internals or tuning InnoDB buffer size is not interesting.
 - We don't want to talk about MariaDB per se. We don't want to
introduce this crowd to the reality of there being so many MySQL

The previous points pretty much rule out everything we presented at
the MySQL conference :-)

Good topics could be:
 - Efficient and inefficient SQL queries in MySQL
 - UDF tutorial and examples

The first suggestion is imho good. These Oracle experts need to learn
to avoid certain things like most subqueries, and how to work around
that. But on the other hand this is a natural topic for someone from
us to present, since we could then also mention that correlated
subqueries will work creat in MariaDB 5.3, which may even be beta by
this point?

The second suggestion is an example of something that would be
considered very technical topic in this conference.

Now the question is who to send there? This is not significant enough
that someone from Europe would fly in - heh, most of us would probably
not volunteer themselves at this point :-) In US I see Bryan or Daniel
as candidates for this, Igor possibly for the UDF kind of talk more
than the app developer talk. And, it needn't be a Monty Program
employee, let me know if you're interested.

Colin, will you pick this up from here?


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