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Please help me clear this simple but critical issue [SELECT INTO OUTFILE LOCAL]


MySQL is awesome! I am currently involved in a major server migration and
previously, our small database used to be hosted on the same server as the
client. So we used to do this : SELECT * INTO OUTFILE .... LOAD DATA INFILE

Now, we moved the database to a different server and SELECT * INTO OUTFILE
.... no longer works, understandable - security reasons I believe.

But, interestingly LOAD DATA INFILE .... can be changed to LOAD DATA LOCAL
INFILE .... and bam, it works.

I am not complaining nor am I expressing disgust towards MySQL. The
alternative to that added 2 lines of extra code and a system call form a
.sql script. All I wanted to know is why LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE works and
why is there no such thing as SELECT INTO OUTFILE LOCAL?

I did my homework, couldn't find a direct answer to my questions above. I
couldn't find a feature request @ MySQL either. If someone can clear that
up, that had be awesome!

I am planning on suggesting MariaDB to our company cos' it is not under
Oracle's admin. Does MariaDB already have this "SELECT INTO OUTFILE LOCAL
.." feature implemented or is it in the wishlist/to-do list?

Thank you,


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