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Re: Full Replacement of MySQL (innoDB, mysql Workbench, data, etc)


On Mon, 16 Aug 2010 16:25:00 -0000
Enrique Daniel <enridp@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Enrique> Hi !!


I'm CC'ing this message to the maria-discuss mailing list in case
anyone else wants to comment. I recommend you join the list. It's a
good resource.

Enrique> I'm really new with MariaDB, I have discovered it yesterday at
Enrique> really :S And I have not tested it yet, but it looks really
Enrique> promising.


We've done lots of testing to make sure MariaDB works as seamlessly as
possible for those moving from MySQL to MariaDB. As with any upgrade, I
would definitely recommend making a backup and testing MariaDB on your
end to ensure everything works with your applications and use-cases
before putting it into production.

Enrique> Anyway, there are a few things that are braking me to make the
Enrique> change. I hope somebody can help me:
Enrique> 1) I'm using mySQL Workbench to design my DB, how can we use
Enrique> it with MariaDB? (Aria, XtraDB engine, etc.)

I haven't used MySQL Workbench much, but using it with MariaDB should
be exactly the same as using it with MySQL.

Enrique> 2) My tables ar InnoDB, but I was reading about XtraDB and it
Enrique> looks much better, how can I make the change from innoDB to
Enrique> XtraDB? if I have a SQL file, is enough changing ENGINE=INNODB
Enrique> with ENGINE=XTRADB (or something like that).
Enrique> I want to preserve my FK, with cascades, and comments.

For compatibility purposes, XtraDB identifies itself to the server as
InnoDB, so there's no need to change ENGINE= in any SQL files. Any
existing InnoDB tables will start using XtraDB automatically after the

Enrique> 3) What happens if I have my DB with data and working with
Enrique> MySQL and InnoDB right now? can I change to MariaDB (and
Enrique> XtraDB) preserving all my scheme, tables, data, relations,
Enrique> comments, indexes, etc?

Yes. All of our testing indicates you can upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB
and all of your schemas, tables, data, relations, comments, indexes,
and so on will "just work" like they did with MySQL without you having
to change anything. Of course, as with any upgrade, I would recommend
testing on a non-production server before putting MariaDB into

One last note. If you do find anything that doesn't work, please file a
bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maria/+filebug


Daniel Bartholomew
Monty Program - http://askmonty.org

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