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Re: Full Replacement of MySQL (innoDB, mysql Workbench, data, etc)


> We've done lots of testing to make sure MariaDB works as seamlessly as
> possible for those moving from MySQL to MariaDB. As with any upgrade, I
> would definitely recommend making a backup and testing MariaDB on your
> end to ensure everything works with your applications and use-cases
> before putting it into production.

My company is developing an application atop MariaDB at the moment and it's
been a seamless process moving from MySQL.

> For compatibility purposes, XtraDB identifies itself to the server as
> InnoDB, so there's no need to change ENGINE= in any SQL files. Any
> existing InnoDB tables will start using XtraDB automatically after the
> upgrade.

If you try to specify ENGINE=XtraDB you will see a failure because of what
Daniel said...  Again, we're developing against "XtraDB" and haven't
experienced a problem working under the assumption that it is "InnoDB."

Yes. All of our testing indicates you can upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB
> and all of your schemas, tables, data, relations, comments, indexes,
> and so on will "just work" like they did with MySQL without you having
> to change anything. Of course, as with any upgrade, I would recommend
> testing on a non-production server before putting MariaDB into
> production.

Not that this is recommended but some of our developers work against MySQL
while others work against MariaDB.  We're trying to transition to all
MariaDB but I figured I'd say it to assuage possibly anguish others might
have with such an approach for major version matching (namely 5.1 ish).

Hopefully that's helpful to you Enrique.  Buenas suerte!

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